Revocation of cannabis guidelines should not jeopardize investment: expert – Delivery Ganja Dispensary Winnipeg Canada
– 18:27 – 04/23/2019

  • The Cofepris must generate certainty so that entrepreneurs are not hindered

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The revocation of the guidelines on Sanitary Control of Cannabis and Derivatives should not jeopardize the investment of those who have opted for the legal market of marijuana, on the contrary, it should give certainty to the sector, said the expert in Law Economic, Carlos Cristino Sarabia Díaz.

For the supply chain specialist, legal certainty is fundamental, as he recalled that the US company Privateer Holdings reports that the cannabis market in Mexico has a potential value of 1,700 million dollars, considering medicinal and recreational use; while the National Association of the Cannabis Industry (ANICANN) estimates that by 2021, the global marijuana market will have a value of 31,600 million dollars.

In this regard, he stressed that the Ministry of Health and the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) must generate certainty so that entrepreneurs are not hindered in the process of industrialization, management and marketing of cannabis and its derivatives.

"The Guidelines published in October last year generated a great industrial and commercial expectation, which motivated investment projects and the construction of supply chains necessary for the implementation of productive projects that could now be left in vain," he said.

"The new perspective on cannabis has raised new challenges, the most important without doubt is to take care of public health, which can be achieved by appropriately regulating activities related to the legal exploitation of cannabis and its derivatives , this, without discouraging the investment, "he added.

In an interview, the expert said that because of its geographical location and its climatic conditions, Mexico has advantages in the production of cannabis compared to other countries in which it is regulated.

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