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Lipolcc offers a talk on the medicinal use of Cannabis


It will be held next Friday from 9:00 p.m. in the Lipolcc conference room located in Uruguay 86 and will be in charge of Ana María Fazekas, president of Cannabis Medicinal Tandil.

A conference on the medicinal and sustainable approach of Medicinal Cannabis will be held on Friday 26 from 21:00 at the Lipolcc headquarters. The same will be in charge of a pioneer in this subject, Mrs. Ana María Fazekas, president of Cannabis Medicinal Tandil. To give details about this hot topic, Dr. David Aguirre offered a press round where, among other issues, he said that Lipolcc made the decision to inform the community about Cannabis due to the large number of queries and the existing misinformation. On the subject, although many people already use this medicine "we think it is necessary to address it frankly, openly, and that everyone can ask and find out what it is about".

Then, and for the people to understand it better, he explained that Cannabis is the plant from which marijuana and other products are obtained, added that it has been stigmatized and pointed out as harmful to health, mainly due to the recreational use that has been made of one of the products of Cannabis, which is marijuana, but which in turn has a medical use that is the one that will be promoted in the talk.

He argued that there are 400 combinations that can be made with the different varieties of Cannabis and with the different byproducts of the plant for the therapeutic use that you want to give and added "by law 27350 is approved for use in the treatment of refractory epilepsy As anti convulsant, but its regulation makes it very restrictive and has complicated the use of this medicine.It is not only used in epilepsy but also to relieve pain, as an analgesic in fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, sequelae of surgery and rheumatic diseases of all kinds and in the treatment of cancer, not as an oncological drug, but as pain reliever and the anxiety that every cancer patient has, Aguirre said among other terms and added that the product is offered in the form of drops and creams .

Before our consultation if the product should be prescribed by a professional, he said that it is actually prescribed by a doctor and that every day there are more doctors who indicate it even though it is a product that is still not available in pharmacies today. He added that the businesses that sell these products receive medical prescriptions and specifically in the neighboring city is Cannabis Medicinal Tandil that is the one that provides it, although at present they do not yet reach to satisfy the demand they have, since there are more than a thousand people who are using it and 120 professionals who are prescribing it, said Dr. Aguirre. Finally reiterated the call to the community to attend this Friday's informative talk and said that in a future meeting instructions will be given for their personal cultivation, although he stressed that there is still a judicial restriction for this activity.