Genuine income generated by IRCCA activities exceeded the budget line – Shop Marijuana Online Calgary Canada


The IIRCCA presented its report on the origin, destination and form of fund management, from its creation in 2014 to 2018.

The funds obtained by the IRCCA from activities related to the administration of licenses related to non-medicinal cannabis dispensed in pharmacies, public funds received and other sources of income related to the administration of authorizations to different private entities linked to medicinal cannabis activities and scientific research, is intended for the management and operation of the Institute, in compliance with the provisions of Law 19,172.


The report highlights that the result for the year increased by 4.3 million pesos (from 1.6 million to 5.9 million pesos).

The public revenues received were reduced by 3.2 million pesos, genuine revenues increased by 12.2 million pesos, expenditures increased by 4.3 million pesos and financial results decreased by 0.4 million pesos.

The substantive variation for the year 2018 is the generation of genuine income (from 5 million pesos to 17 million pesos), growing by 252% and, for the first time, genuine income (generated by the activities of the Institute) exceeded the starting point annual budget established in Law No. 19,355 (17 million vs 15 million pesos).

On the other hand, the IRCCA foresees for 2019 that the genuine income reach a proportion of financing even greater than that registered in 2018, notwithstanding that the IRCCA is conceived as a mixed financing institution.

As for expenses, "they remained at stable levels" if we consider that the level of growth is consistent with the increase in amortizations, so with respect to expenditures manageable during the year, some items grow practically in the same dimension in that savings were generated in the other items).

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