Cannabis inspectors claim dispensaries determine doses – Order Ganja Store Quebec Canada

The capitol – Inspectors attached to the Office of Controlled Substances and Medicinal Cannabis, argued Tuesday in public hearing of the Government Commission, that the vendors in the dispensaries are those who determine the dosage of medicinal cannabis products used by patients and not the doctor who issues the certificate for the use of the product.

During the interrogation conducted by the representative Gabriel Rodríguez Aguiló, author of the measure to analyze compliance with the law regulating medical cannabis, inspectors Nilda Adorno and Xavier Barredo, explained in written communication that "the doctor recommends which product will use , but it is the dispensary that is more specific ", regarding the dosage that the patient should use.

Before this, the legislator pointed out that this practice "could be a crisis for the patient that we must deal with; because when the executive order arises and then the law, doctors are required to be certified to enter the cannabis industry, but then what obligation does that patient have to visit the doctor to be evaluated and the dosage of the product?

He questioned the fact that the patient "goes to the dispensary and the person who is there, who is not a pharmacist, nor a pharmacy assistant, who is only certified by the Department of Health, has the ability to tell the patient the grams that will use that product and if it does not do well increase the grams, I understand that we have to study it; if you really are looking at the industry in favor of the patient, or if what we want is to have recreational marijuana hidden behind a medical certification ".

On the other hand, and with questions from the president of the Commission, representative Jorge Navarro Suárez, both inspectors stressed that one of the biggest difficulties they face when carrying out their work is the inconsistency between the digital inventory tracking system that operates the Biotrack company, contracted by the Government, and the products that are physically found in the dispensaries.

For this reason, they sometimes have to perform an inspection using the video surveillance system or use the manual binnacles that some dispensaries use to keep an accounting of what they have sold to see where the product is. Given this, Navarro Suarez said that this company will be cited to explain the reasons for these inconsistencies.

Both Adorno and Barredo explained that each week each one of the six inspectors establishes their work plan, in which they determine which dispensary, manufacturing or crop they are going to visit, but that these plans can be altered by a confidante or by instructions of José Quiñones , supervisor of this division, who will be summoned by instructions of Navarro Suárez.

It was also established at the hearing, by Rodríguez Aguiló, the need to establish a corroboration laboratory by the Government on the amount of active ingredient in the manufactured products, since the inspectors only certify that the inventory that is in the tracking system is in the right place. This is because they do not have the methods to corroborate the information, only what the laboratory that pays the manufacturer certifies.

"From the day one that filed the Resolution of the Chamber 1177 we seek to improve the cannabis industry for the benefit of the patient. We want to identify those areas of deficiency, if it is necessary to legislate or make recommendations, "explained the legislator.

For the next hearing, the appearance of the Department of the Treasury and the Public Corporation for the Supervision and Insurance of Cooperatives was announced, which will contribute the economic component to this investigation.

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