Announce the CANNAMEXICO 2019: medicinal cannabis and research – Delivery Medical CBD Store Quebec Canada

With the objective of exchanging experiences of other nations around the medical use of cannabis, as well as the most recent scientific evidence at a global level, the CannaMéxico 2019 meeting will be held on April 25 and 26 in San Cristóbal, Guanajuato, where world-class experts will meet.

In this regard, Alvaro Torres, CEO of Khiron Life Sciences Corp., – Canadian medical cannabis company that will be present at CannaMexico- He said that Mexico represents a market with a population of 123.5 million people, which translates into potential access to almost 11.7 million patients who could benefit from cannabis-based treatments under the supervision of health professionals. which this forum is an opportunity to transfer our knowledge to this new market, he said.

The executive explained that the company he leads is committed not only to patients through medical products made from cannabis as a safe, effective and accessible alternative, but also to doctors, who may have learning tools framed in a plan of education to doctors of Latin America that includes forums of national and international experts, digital platforms of e-learning, and participation in events with the main medical and scientific associations.

Torres added that "through active engagement and discussion, we firmly believe that Mexico can develop one of the main markets for medical cannabis in Latin America and address the unmet medical needs of millions of patients."

Khiron's approach, he said, focuses on the patient when approaching work with health professionals to offer patients safe, effective and accessible alternatives to existing medications, as well as the construction of meaningful relationships, offering information, support and learning resources through a variety of dissemination channels.

To express question, Alvaro Torres explained that Khiron combines good manufacturing practices, international scientific experience, agricultural advantages and product development to address medical needs not covered for an estimated 68 million potential patients in Latin America.

The event will be held at the "San Cristóbal Center" of San Cristóbal in León, Guanajuato, on April 25 and 26, where information and knowledge will be exchanged about research on the uses of cannabis. The event will involve leading companies in the fields of science, research, finance, medicine, technology, innovation, agro-industry and entrepreneurship, among others.

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